cattles land

We Cattlesland carry out agricultural engineering projects and assist you in providing engineering studies, supplying and implementing raw materials.

1- Equipping the environmental rooms and greenhouses:

Environmental rooms and greenhouses are used in agricultural production processes for growing barley, white mushroom production and hydroponics.

Engineering studies, procurement and implementation of everything necessary to determine:

-Production values ​​required according to agricultural production specifications (barley cultivation, white mushroom production, or hydroponics).

– Specifications of the appropriate equipment such as (conditioners – evaporators – air renewal turbines – pumps – irrigation networks – the structure of metal structures inside the room and the number of dishes).

– Specifications of the electrical supply and control panel.

-Monitoring and operation of these rooms is carried out through a control system and the necessary programming through (computer mobile) inside the farm or through (mobile) from home.

-The control system consists of sensors and actuators suitable for controlling and monitoring important environmental factors (temperature – humidity – irrigation programs – equipment working status – alarms).

2- Alternative Energy Equipment:

The source of electric power is considered one of the most important factors for the success of agricultural projects due to the necessity of continuing work, and it also greatly affects the cost of production.

The use of alternative energy equipment allows us to ensure business continuity and reduce costs in subsequent years.

Engineering studies, supplies and implementation of photovoltaic stations and what is required to determine:

– Determine the required electrical consumption in the agricultural project.

-Design of solar power stations (solar collectors – inverters – cables – iron bases).

-Designing the bases of solar collectors (fixed – mobile).

3- Equipping wells, pumping stations and irrigation networks:

Wells and pumping stations are among the pillars of the success of agricultural projects because of their importance in ensuring abundant and abundant irrigation.

Engineering studies, supplies and implementation of water pumping stations and what is required to specify:

-Required intensity m3/hr. -Irrigation pumps specifications, capacities and abundance.

-Specifications of offers and engineering plans for the main irrigation network.

-Determinants of the necessary electrical supplies and their capabilities.

– Optimum irrigation technology (Foggy – Sprinklers – Pivot) based on the type of crops required.