cattles land

At Cattlesland you are in the right place to build and equip cow sheds.We are keen to provide our customers with the best designs and equipment for barns that suit the customer’s request from design to construction site.The basis of our system has always been that we work to realize the investor’s idea by providing a complete package for the agricultural sector.We supply designs for sheds and their complete equipment from the ground up to the milk tank, halls, cattle sheds, forage fences, cow seating areas, dry cow sheds and fattening calves.We can help you in cooperation with companies specialized in the exterior construction and interior design of the barn. To obtain the best plans and equipment, which in turn saves time and effort within the facility.

The first steps in the barn of dairy cows are the reception and residence of the newborn calves in a sterile and clean place for the young calf and its mother, because life inside the milk farm starts from this barn. And the increase in the number of members of the herd of dairy cows.

Having a special place to house the young calves in the barn is very important from an organizational point of view for your cow herd. This place is characterized by its easy-to-clean plastic walls, which prevents the growth of germs. It is also easy to control as the walls can be removed which gives flexibility in the design as the sheds are converted from individual wards for each caster. Separated into a large dormitory for several calves, with the possibility of removing the walls. It is also equipped with doors that are easy to open from both ends. These suites are optionally provided, upon customer request.