cattles land

Cattlesland is one of the first leading companies specialized in raising and fattening live calves and sheep, as it enjoys the following:

1- The company’s ability, with its long-standing foreign and local experience, to complete the purchase of the best types of livestock at the local level in Moldova, as well as from the neighboring European Union countries, all the way to the local market and finally marketing.

2- The annual capacity for fattening calves reaches ten thousand heads of calves currently.

3- Comprehensive monitoring of the fattening process according to the highest international standards and the most efficient.

4- A specialized logistics team and a special transport fleet to transport grain, fodder and live calves at the current local levels in Moldova and later on the international level as a necessary step.

5- A feed mill and a grain drying unit that allow us to obtain a special annual production of approximately 10,000 tons of fodder for the exclusive feeding of our calves, always using high quality vegetable raw materials produced by the company’s cultivated lands.

6- A sales and export team consisting of a highly experienced and flexible staff to provide the best solutions to our customers in both the calves and sheep sector.

7- An honorable presence in the main markets for livestock at the local and international levels, due to the importance of the field of exporting calves and sheep to the Middle East


The Cattlesland Company is constantly searching for the best breeds with high productivity of meat and able to adapt to the climatic conditions in the Middle East. The most important breeds imported by the company are:

Friesian Holstein

Although the cows of this breed are preferred for milk production, the calves of this breed are also used for fattening, as they are distinguished by their attractive meat color and their ability to adapt to weather factors in our country, and their weight reaches about


The speed of adaptation of this breed to different conditions makes it one of the distinctive and desirable breeds, in addition to its high productivity of meat, and this breed reaches a weight of 700 kg.


This breed is characterized by a high growth rate and a high meat productivity, reaching a weight of 800 kg.


In addition to the high productivity of this strain, with a weight of up to 700 kg, this strain is also characterized by a low coverage of surface fat.

Cattlesland, in cooperation with TMT Moldova, is carrying out a process of collecting live calves and fattening them with the latest scientific methods used in this field under the supervision of a group of highly specialized veterinarians with high experience in the field of livestock breeding in Moldova, and the company can contract any quantity with local breeders due to its good reputation in Dealing with local breeders.• The live Moldovan calves available compared to the calves available in other parts of the world are a requirement of the Middle East region.• The company delivers live calves according to the required weights and specifications in accordance with international specifications and standards.All calves in our farms in terms of their safety and freedom from diseases are under the international conditions and standards of the Animal Health Organization.