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Cows need a space of three meters in nature to lie down and rest, so we provide comfortable spaces inside the cow sheds, which helps the cows to lie down and stand easily without facing problems or hitting barriers and beams in the rest area. On the right and left sides is very easy, which improves blood circulation and increases the milk yield of cows and increases their life.

Cabin 1

After a long research, development and continuous updating on the cow cabin, solutions were found that increase the possibility of sitting the cow twice as long as it was previously sitting in the old cabins, which led to a noticeable rise in milk production and a decrease in the number of paralyzed cows in the herd.

It was previously noted that the cows suffer from back problems while lying down for long periods due to the existing beams, but in this new cabin the cabin system was developed and the lower steel tube in the cabin was replaced with a polyethylene flexible tube that allows the cows to lie down easily without causing problems in the spine, it is Durable and sturdy, allowing good steering of the cows, it also has the advantage that it stays clean compared to cabins made of plastic beams.

Cabin 2

It is one of the rest cabins for cows. This cabin allows the cows to lie freely while flipping freely on its left and right sides without hitting the side and rear pillars because the sizes on which this cabin is built are the result of a long and in-depth search for the best sizes that help the cow to lie down and turn freely without hitting any of the parts of this cabin and thus the cow’s feeling of comfort Discomfort and problems due to the collision of the cow with the side and rear barriers and hitting the cow’s head during movement. The beams of this zone are made of high quality steel and are fully sheathed with lengths of up to 350 cm for single rows and 560 cm for double rows.

Cabin 3

The standard cow cabin is one of the cabins designed to accommodate different positions of cows.