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We are Cattlesland Manufacturer and Exporter of Barley Chambers through large scale research and development and application of advanced and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Several feed mills have been established on the basis of barley varieties and the cultivation of other types, which has earned us a good reputation from our customers.

We provide a complete pre-sale customer service system (consulting – design – equipment testing)

Cultivar barley

It is a type of hydroponics (without soil or other culture media) that
is produced in controlled rooms in terms of lighting, heat and humidity,
and the main factor in the success of agriculture is sterilization

What distinguishes sprouted barley from other green fodders?

  • High nutritional value
  • High productivity per unit area
  • Available all year round
  • Ease of cultivation and care
  • Short production cycle
  • The plant is presented to the animal completely with the roots and thus the benefit is greater
  • Low water consumption

What distinguishes sprouted barley from barley grains?

Barley grains contain raw compounds (starches – proteins – fats…) which makes it difficult for the animal to digest it, and therefore the animal does not benefit from a large proportion of these important compounds in its growth stages. And production.But when these grains are grown, some enzymes are activated that convert all the previous compounds into their simpler components (sugars – amino acids – fatty acids) that the animal’s body can easily absorb and thus benefit greatly, which is reflected in growth and productivity. In addition to containing vitamins that help nourish the animal’s body and increase its immunity

What are the benefits of barley for animals?

  • Increase the productivity of milk and meat
  • Easy to digest and therefore does not cause bloating or indigestion in the animal
  • Improves the genetic characteristics of the animal, which prepares the female to give birth to twins
  • Increases the animal’s immunity and makes it less susceptible to disease
  • Increases the quality, health and luster of the skin
  • Increases the quantity and quality of sheep’s wool
  • Increases profits because it reduces consumption of concentrated feed