cattles land

The Cattlesland Company Biohumus-ii organic fertilizers in their solid or dissolved forms with a high content of nutrients important for plant growth and productivity. These fertilizers have proven to be highly effective and have a clear impact on plants and soil alike. These fertilizers improve the soil texture and increase its ability to absorb water sufficiently for the plant and allow excess water to drain. Thanks to the effectiveness of these fertilizers in adjusting the soil PH and containing beneficial microorganisms in its composition, which leads to an increase in the availability of nutrients in the soil and thus providing a suitable environment for the growth of roots And beneficial bacteria that are mainly present in the soil well, which is positively reflected on plant growth and productivity.

As for the plant, in addition to supplying the plant with very important nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, micro-elements and vitamins, these fertilizers can be used for all types of crops and can also be used in various stages of plant life.

These fertilizers increase the resistance of plants to biotic stresses (different pathogens: insects – bacteria – fungi) and abiotic stresses (unsuitable environmental conditions: light stress – drought stress – salt stress).

Although these fertilizers increase the yield of crops significantly, this is not at the expense of the quality of the fruits, as the fruits are of high quality and health, as they are more capable of storage and less prone to spoilage, and they also guarantee consumers safe food of high quality free from the residual effects of fertilizers mineral and chemical pesticides.