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Holstein cows

The Holstein Friesian breed is one of the most important breeds of dairy cows that the company is working on importing from Holland, France and Germany. In terms of cost, the productivity of this breed, if it has the appropriate conditions for production, reaches about 25-35 liters of high-quality milk with a fat content of 4.2% and a protein content of 3.2%, where the annual production of milk reaches from 7500-11000 liters of milk.

This breed is well adapted to different climatic conditions and can be easily controlled in the event of the presence of large herds and has the best external appearance from the perspective of milk productivity, where the shape of the udder fully complies with the requirements of high-tech milking parlors, and its weight is about 500 kg, and its age ranges from 24-32 months, puberty from 6 to 12 months.

Steps to import cows step by step

Cattlesland works in cooperation with specialists with long experience in the field of exporting Holstein Friesian dairy cows Germany, Holland, France, Spain and Moldova, to help you import and select your Holstein Friesian dairy cows of high quality and all herds of dairy cows you wish to import are in compliance with veterinary conditions both international and Syrian standards

To import Holstein Friesian dairy cows, the process is carried out through a network of professional specialists in the field of cow selection, where high-quality cows are selected and purchased from cattle breeding farms from Holland and Germany that are compatible with the customer’s requirements and also compatible with the terms and requirements of the importing country.

The cows are collected in the quarantine facility prepared before export, and the cows are processed by experts and specialists in the field of dairy cows breeding and providing healthy food according to the highest standards of safety and animal welfare.

The cows are examined by veterinarians, and if the cows are in an excellent health condition, and after ensuring the safety of the cows and their readiness for satiety in accordance with the conditions of the importing country, a permit is issued to allow the export of these cows to the importing country to the breeder’s farm.

Cattlesland focuses on the selection of healthy and profitable dairy cattle herds, their care and welfare and ensuring their safety until they reach your country and this is one of our first concerns.