cattles land

Cattlesland Company is one of the companies working in the animal and agricultural fields, and it is a Syrian company with a legal destination with limited liability, established in 2020

  • By Resolution No. /2642/ dated 10/5/2020 issued by the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Protection in Syria.
  • Holder of Commercial Registration No. 19188/ dated 2/11/2020 issued by the Secretariat of the Commercial Registry in the city of Damascus.
  • Agricultural License No. /8178/p. dated 1/8/2021 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform – Rural Damascus Agriculture Directorate.

Cattlesland is working in the field of investment in animal production and agricultural production projects and providing the best modern and advanced services in these two vital sectors with a large selection of agricultural engineers, veterinarians and technicians with high and advanced experience, with the aim of restoring vitality in this field in Syria in particular and the neighboring countries in general and advancing it as it was before.