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Artificial insemination straws selected from the finest selected bulls

Artificial insemination straws selected from the finest selected bulls Cattlesland works in cooperation with the largest private company as an IVF plant in Germany, the Netherlands and France. Whether through our head office in Syria, our offices in Germany, the Netherlands and Moldova, or through a network of local distributors, we are involved all over the world in the sale of pollen straws from selected bulls. When it comes to genetics, our philosophy is based on proven hands-on education. Holstein bulls make up the bulk of our offering, but we also offer many different milk breeds and types of meat for dual purposes.We advise you on choosing the right straws that are suitable for purpose, quality and most suitable for each cow, a choice associated with cow families that have proven themselves in dairy farms and in practice.

-What is artificial insemination?

Improving the genetic traits of cows to increase their abilities to produce meat, or milk, and artificial insemination reduces the expected negative effects in cases of natural insemination, and significantly ensures that the bronchioles that fertilize animals are free of diseases, while at the same time high rates of pregnancy, which is called “the publican” in animals.

– How are pollination straws selected?
When importing any insemination straw from abroad, her birth certificate, her family data, up to the fourth grandfather, to make sure that the family is free of diseases, by genetic tracing, which is done by the IVF center where the frozen semen is collected through the existing ones and always Consideration is given to the selection of qualities that are compatible with the environment.

– What is the ideal age to get semen from an insemination straw?
As for the stallion, once it reaches its sexual maturity, it can be used as a pollination straw, that is, after reaching a year and a half, and semen can be obtained from it, up to ten or twenty years, according to the veterinary health care provided to the animal. The insemination straw, since the beginning of its use in specialized centers, the sperm fluid is collected from it for long periods of time until it reaches the stage of adulthood, where the volume of production decreases, and then those divorced women are sold and others are recruited and other strains are introduced.

 – Is any cow suitable for artificial insemination?
No, to choose the best elements, an examination is conducted for the reproductive system of the female animal who wants to vaccinate her, to ensure that she is free from diseases, such as uterine infections, or any external infections, she must be in a “common” state, meaning that she needs the vaccination process, provided Vaccination is carried out during a period of 8 to 12 hours after the appearance of signs of estrus on the animal.

– When do the results of vaccination appear and the animal becomes “tenth” or pregnant?
Artificial insemination, pregnancy rates are higher than normal, and with modern devices, it is possible to make sure that the animal has become a publican or not, only 45 days after insemination, where a sonar is done with a television ray of the case, and the reproductive system is examined, to ensure pregnancy or not, Especially that the period between puberty and the other is 21 days.

– How a stallion bull prepared before semen is is obtained from it?

To get the largest amount of semen from it, the animal must be provided with proper nutrition, and the best, and focus on foods that increase its fertility.

– Are there percentages of disabilities or diseases in IVF?

No, as the talaq is selected from selected strains worldwide, that is, all laboratory tests were conducted to ensure that they are free from infectious, genetic, and venereal diseases, meaning that they are 100% healthy.