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Montbeliard Cows

They are French cows that are distinguished by the red and white color together and their head is white. They are one of the largest livestock in size, with one of them weighing between 500 and 700 kilograms, and the bull weighs between 900 and 1200 kilograms, and its height may exceed one meter and 45 centimeters, and is characterized by its rapid growth and production capacity during a period of time. Fattening, and it reaches a good weight at puberty. Its average milk production is 8133 liters per year, and it reaches a maximum of 12000 liters per year, and the average milking can reach 333 days per year. Its milk is of high quality when manufacturing cheese, it has high fertility in reproduction, its incidence of udder problems is less, and it is characterized by ease of reproduction and childbirth. Cows of this breed can live in different climatic conditions, and they have the ability to adapt to the harsh winter climate of 20 degrees below zero to a temperature of more than 40 degrees in summer.