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Awassi sheep

Or known as the municipal sheep, which is the most breeding species in Syria for its ability to live in various pastures and climates with ease of raising, and it spreads in most Syrian regions, whether from the countryside or the Badia.

This breed has distinctive features in appearance including a light brown face color at times, white open, circular horns and white hairless legs. The average weight of an adult male is 70 kg and that of a female is 55 kg. The average gestational weight at birth is 2.8 kg. Weight gain reaches 175 grams per day.

This breed has a high adaptability. Over the centuries, it has adapted to live with nomads, and to live with non-nomadic rural people as well. It can walk long distances to graze, and has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, withstand arid seasons (through the consumption of stored fat). In the tail and its ability to reproduce and care for its lambs, its ewes provide milk even in the most difficult feeding conditions. The Nuaimi sheep are in fact an improved type of Awassi.


Shami goats:

The Damascene goat originated in the Levant and is known as the Damascene, Shami, and Cypriot goats. It was raised in Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus in large quantities to produce milk and meat.

Saanen goats:

Taking its name from the city of Saanen in the Bernese Oberland, in the southern part of the canton of Bern, in western Switzerland, Saanen goats are a type of milk-producing goat.

This type of Swiss sheep, they are like dairy cows in the bodies of sheep. Switzerland is considered its original homeland, but it has spread in various countries of the world for its fame in the production of milk.

The newborn of these goats weighs from 3-3.5 kg at birth and at the age of one year weighs about 35-45 kg, either adult mothers weigh 50-70 kg and males 75-100 kg.

And the proportion of the production of twins to 180 – 250%. Its average milk production is 800 liters per season with a fat content of about 3.5%.

The Australian Saanen goat has the highest rate of milk production in the world due to its dependence on herbs as a basis for nutrition

Cattlesland, relying on veterinary experts, seeks to collect swan goats on private farms in Spain and re-export them to the Middle East and North Africa.