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ventilation and waste disposal system

Optimal ventilation is important to the health and productivity of dairy cows. Cows produce heat, moisture, and ammonia resulting from waste, and the retention of these factors causes health and productivity problems in dairy cows, and lack of attention to this aspect causes material losses to the dairy establishment. It is important to remove polluted air and replace it with fresh air. When the weather is hot, it is important to reduce heat stress to maintain since high temperatures inside the barn negatively affect the productivity of cows, so the use of the cooling system is one of the basics of successful and profitable projects.

All ventilation systems require three basic components:

The system for introducing fresh air into the building

Building air removal system

Control system to provide the correct amount of air inside and outside the building.

Exost System: This system is used to remove polluted air outside the barn.

Cattlesland works in cooperation with specialists in the field of ventilation and cooling to provide all requirements in accordance with climatic conditions to ensure the best ideal environment for cows.

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Sky wall automatic side sealing system

Sky wall automatic side sealing system

In this system, the sides of the barn are additionally insulated, which provides a better climate inside the barn for the cows to live in in cold weather. This system operates automatically as the signal is received from the existing climate sensors

Inside and outside the farm, making these walls open and close according to climate changes in line with the cows’ living and comfort. The materials that compose it are designed and selected based on several criteria of durability, insulation and allowing sunlight to pass through while it is closed.

Standard cooling fans

Standard cow barn cooling fans are designed to cool barns, especially in hot areas

These fans are equipped with atomizer and turn on automatically once the temperature rises above 20°C and are connected to a frequency controller, which means that when the temperature rises the frequency in the fans increases. This technology saves energy and provides precise air frequency in proportion to the ambient temperature. When the temperature rises above 30°C, the spraying system is activated, which contributes to lowering the temperature and relieving heat stress that negatively affects the quantities of milk produced and thus the cows feel comfortable to produce better milk.