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Cow brush

This is the safest, most comfortable and popular brush. This brush is weatherproof and relies on an internal cooling system that allows it to be hung outside the barn. The stand and transmission are also very high quality, so this brush is used in bull stables due to its durability and hardness, it bears a great pressure force unlike others,

As a result of the vertical movement of 25 cm, this brush with an advanced and durable suspension system, it is suitable and can be adapted to any breed of cows and bulls and is considered very safe compared to other hanging brushes, thanks to its hardness and durability. Durable construction, proper and professional design. This brush allows each cow to apply more pressure, which helps improve the cycle. This brush has a positive effect on the feed conversion factor of the cows which leads to an increase in the production of cow’s milk. This brush is a double brush to ensure cleaning of the back, chest and sides up to the hock joint.

Cow water drinkers

If cows are provided with clean and adequate drinking water they will drink more water and thus consume more feed, which leads to better health and increased milk production. Highly productive cows absorb up to 250 liters of water per day, so each cow should drink the same amount of water, four times the amount of milk it produces. In hot weather, cows produce from 20 liters to 25 liters of water vapor per day. Therefore, it is important and necessary to provide the cows with clean drinking water that suits the needs of the cow, and this is what we and our partners are working hard to produce in the field of providing clean and appropriate drinking water that meets its needs. From cows to raise cows to produce milk